East Caribbean States

Pick No. Denomination Quantity Grade Images
P-13a 1 Dollar (1965) 1 F
P-21a 1 Dollar (1985-88) 1 UNC
P-26h 5 Dollars (1993) 1 UNC
P-32e 10 Dollars (1993) 1 UNC
P-49 20 Dollars (2008) 1 UNC
P-56 10 Dollars (2019) 1 UNC
P-57 20 Dollars (2019) 1 UNC

* Suffix letter represent banknote issue country.
[A] Antigua [D] Dominica [G] Grenada [K] St. Kitts and Nevis
[L] Saint Lucia [M] Montserrat [U] Anguilla [V] St. Vincent

Left flag is Caribbean Common Market.
Center Left flag is Federation of West Indies.
Central Right flag is CommonWealth.
Right flag is Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

East carib cnetral bank established 1950, The bank issue
common banknotes of below countries.

< Member countries >
AG [A] Antigua and Barbuda
DM [D] Commonwealth of Dominica
GD [G] Grenada
LC [L] Saint Lucia
KN [K] St. Kitts and Nevis
VC [V] St. Vincent and the Grenadines

< British Territory's member >
[U] Leeward Islands of Anguilla
[M] Montserrat

< Former member countries >
Using original banknotes after the independence
BB Barbados
TT Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
GY Formerly British Guiana
(Co-operative Republic of Guyana)